Last year, 50 Cent made 90 million dollars. Jay-Z made 87 million. If you look Jay up on Wikipedia, his title is, “Rapper and Businessman”. Many members of the music business are taking to this concept and using their musical image as a brand for their sponsors and personal business endeavors. As a spokesperson and […]

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Here is the opposite side to my story via The Copyright Alliance. You know, gotta stay fair and balanced. This argument will most likely convince you of my side anyways… The core principle of copyright is that the creator and copyright owner has the right to reproduction, distribution, public performance and the creation of derivative […]

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The music industry is in turmoil. It is hard to predict what will become of the constantly changing copyright laws, but it is safe to say that something needs to happen, and fast. I am simply here to tell the big dogs about the music revolution that is happening in the cyber streets. Specifically speaking to RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) Board President, Cary Sherman, it is my goal to influence the RIAA board, & in turn influence record label executives around the world to change their policies about the free downloading of music on the Internet.

If we are to enjoy the vast possibilities of the Internet as they apply to business & creativity, the eyes of those in control must be opened & shown the light. So please, Mr. Sherman, it starts with you. Change the RIAA’s policy on intellectual property & allow the music market to be free.